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1. How do I complete my Section Chair Processing?
View the Section Chair Processing tutorial.

2. What should I do if my Section is not listed on the Illumination Awards submission site?

Contact mausterlitz@ies.org for assistance.

3. Which IES Section should entrants submit to?

Submitters should submit their project to the Section of the lead designer. If there is no active Section, the project should be submitted to the Section closest to the location of the lead designer.

4. Are submitters allowed to revisit a previous submission?

Once the submission has been finalized and payment is made, submitters will no longer have access to their submission. Submitters should save their submission as a file document to access for future reference. Submitters can save their submission by clicking on "in-progress" or "in cart" in their Dashboard. There will be an option to save the submission as a pdf document. This can only be done before submitting the payment for the submission.

5. Can Section Chairs make edits to projects?

Section Chairs are not permitted to make any changes to submissions. Submitters can make changes before submitting their project. The editing phase has been eliminated from the submission process and once a project has been processed, modifications can no longer be made. 

6. Are Illumination Award Section Chairs allowed to revisit a completed submission at a later date?

Once Section Chair Processing has ended, Section Chairs can no longer view submissions submitted to their Section.

7. Can an IA Section Chair download submitted projects, photos and videos for Section Judging as opposed to using the online portal to view all projects?

You can download a project for viewing purposes, but judging will take place directly on the portal.