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1. Who can submit to the Illumination Awards?
Anyone (except manufacturers); IES members or nonmembers (with the exclusion of IES staff and IES Board of Directors), may enter a project for an Illumination Award. Agents may also submit.
2. What types of projects can be submitted to the Illumination Awards?

Any permanent lighting installation can be submitted to the Illumination Awards. The installation must have been completed during the 24 months preceding the January program date listed.

3. What are the fees to submit?

Fees are $250 for Early Bird (Jan. 4th - 31st.) and $300 for Regular Submissions (Feb. 1st - 29th.) 

Submission fees are non-refundable.

4. Which IES Section should I submit my project to?

Submitters should submit their project to the Section of the lead designer. If there is no active Section, the project should be submitted to the Section closest to the location of the lead designer.

5. Will my project be judged if my local Section is not listed on the submission portal?

If there is no active IES Section in your area your project will still be accepted and entered for judging.

6. Are submitters allowed to revisit a previous submission?

Once the submission has been finalized and payment is made, submitters will no longer have access to their submission. Submitters should save their submission as a file document to access for future reference. Submitters can save their submission by clicking on "in-progress" or "in cart" in their Dashboard. There will be an option to save the submission as a pdf document. This can only be done before submitting the payment for the submission.

7. Can submitters edit their project once it has been submitted?

The editing phase has been eliminated from the submission process. Once a project has been processed, modifications can no longer be made. 

8. Is there a way to begin a second and third submission before finishing the first?

During checkout, submitters will be prompted to complete the submission or start a new one. Different areas of the same project may be submitted as separate project entries (i.e., outdoor lighting, interior lighting, lighting controls, environmental & energy). Each of these entries must have their own distinguishable title and additional entry fee. Each of these entries will be judged separately. The Illumination Awards Section Chair will check with all parties to eliminate duplicate entries entered to the same category. Projects may not be reentered from a previous year, but a different area of the project may be entered as long as it was completed during the 24 months preceding the January program date listed. All entries previously judged will be rejected.

9. Can the Interior Lighting Design Award include residential projects? 

Interior design is for any interior project –– commercial or residential –– anything that is inside.

10. How will my project be judged?

All judging is conducted ‘blind’ or anonymously using the program score sheets. Judges do not know any project details at any stage of judging.

11. Why did my project not receive an Illumination Award?

Although IES cannot provide details about why you did not receive an award, please refer to the submission tutorial and score sheets. Try to talk to your local IA Chair about how you can improve your submission.

12. What is the process for international award recipients attending the Illumination Awards Gala?

IES will provide the conference registration and award recipient letter to assist with visa arrangements. Unfortunately, this is the only form of assistance the IES will provide. IES is not responsible for completing any forms issued through the U.S. Department of State or Customs. 

13. What forms of consent are required to submit to the Illumination Awards?

IES may use the projects submitted to promote the Society’s programs and services. All entry materials including photos and narratives, can be used without restriction by LD+A, the magazine of the IES. The LD+A magazine will have reproduction privileges of photographs and scripts without charge to the Society. IES must inform the owner and all others involved or associated in the project design of participation in the Illumination Awards program and that the submission may be published in the LD+A magazine. The owner’s name and location may be withheld for privacy reasons.

14. Can award recipients order duplicate award certificates?

Anyone may purchase a duplicate certificate. You may send your request to Michael Austerlitz at mausterlitz@ies.org

15. Is a designer allowed to name the client in their summary and image descriptions? Also, does the designer need to refrain from using the city or state where the project is located? 

City/State, and the owner's name is allowed. You may wish to be  careful if the owner is a designer or design firm that people may confuse as listing the design team. 

For example, "This new restaurant, Burger Shack, located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania wanted to evoke a feeling of XYZ...." would be acceptable.