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Online Judge Procedures

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Online Judge for the 2019 IES Illumination Awards program. Your involvement in this prestigious award program would help ensure the professionalism and diversity that the awards have always represented. This document outlines your important role as a judge. 

Online Judge Process: 

Online Judging begins on March 19 and ends on April 16 at 11:59 PM EST. During this period, you may log in to your account and review your assigned projects. These projects are randomly selected from submissions entered from the U.S. and international lighting community. During the judging period, you can log out and log back into your account to complete the work.

You will be presented with one project at a time. You may go back and review images, video and narrative from the project’s gallery, but once you have submitted your score, you cannot return to that project. 

The judging system is based entirely on how well the lighting design does or does not meet the program criteria. This program is not a competition. 

For your reference, check the score sheets and program Procedures and Rules. Please familiarize yourself with these before beginning your judging.

We ask that all comments and scoring remain confidential and that you do not share the project information with others.

Remember that you cannot be an Online Judge if you are a member of the IES Board of Directors or an IES employee.